Dr. Amirlak’s Rhinoplasty Approach

Dr. Amirlak is committed to providing his patients with the best results, improving both form and function.

That means you will not only look better—you will feel better, too! It is as important to pay attention to the internal structures of the nose as it is to improve breathing during a rhinoplasty operation. Lack of attention to the internal structures of the nose and sinuses during cosmetic rhinoplasty, even if it provides good aesthetic outcomes, will result in difficulty breathing, dry nose, frequent sinus infection, or pain. He combines the 3 schools of Rhinoplasty into one comprehensive approach.

Modern Rhinoplasty: focuses on lesser aggressive instructive approaches that results in long term unpleasant changes to the nose following these traditional Rhinoplasties.

Precision Rhinoplasty: involves advanced planning with creation of a precise grid that guides the desired changes by millimeters desired

Natural Rhionoplasty: takes the patient desires as well as other proportions of the face to create the most harmonious looking nose

Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common but complex plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. It can be considered cosmetic or corrective, depending on the patient’s reasons for seeking surgery.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty, also referred to as a “nose job,” creates facial harmony by correcting the proportions of the nose. Surgeons can alter the size and width of the nose, reshape the profile by removing visible bumps or depressions, and correct asymmetry. They can also improve the look of a nasal tip that is large, hooked, or upturned.

Corrective rhinoplasty is performed for a variety of reasons, including to fix a nasal deviation related to trauma or a congenital cleft lip and nose. It can also involve reshaping internal structures to improve a patient’s breathing, especially when done in conjunction with septoplasty, or straightening of the nasal septum, which divides the nose.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

The ability to breath easier

For patients with a deviated septum, improved breathing may be the main goal. This type of procedure focuses on the inside structure of the nose to improve obstructed airways.

Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem

If you have lived your life embarrassed by the way that your nose looks, a rhinoplasty can help. Feeling better about your physical appearance will lead to more self-confidence, and many patients report feeling happier overall.

Improved Sleep

Rhinoplasty would usually help you sleep and breath easier, which is because most people have a deviated septum to some degree; Even a slight deviation can impede breathing ability, which can cause difficulty in sleeping.